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The Lake Mead Wellness Center is an extension of Lake Mead Christian Ministries. Our purpose is to bring healing, clarity, and resources to hurting people who want to grow through a variety of methods, with a major focus on Christian counseling.



What services are offered at the Lake Mead Wellness Center (LMWC)?

Counselors are trained to help in many areas including premarital counseling, marriage counseling, depression, anxiety, women's issues, men's issues, physical abuse and sexual abuse, relationship issues, grief, conflict, divorce recovery, addictive behaviors, anger management, trauma, eating disorders, issues of the blended family, parenting, mood disorders, and more. A couple have specialized training in EMDR, a very effective therapy used for many presenting issues (see  


What type of clients are best suited for services at the LMWC? 

Counseling services are provided for individuals, couples, families, children, and adolescents. Services are provided to those within the Lake Mead Christian Ministries community as well as people from the Henderson/Las Vegas area.


What are the qualifications of the therapists?

LMWC has students, interns, and fully licensed therapists available. Interns have graduated from their program and will be considered an intern for a minimum of three years after their graduation.  Students are in their community internship program and are a semester or two from graduating. All students and interns are supervised by an American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) approved supervisor and Nevada-licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT). All therapists are members of AAMFT. The Lake Mead Wellness Center contracts with an established center, the Relational Wellness Institute, to provide the required supervision and expertise for all therapists. 

Do I have to be a Christian to use the services at LMWC?

Our services are available to everyone. We are a Christian-based counseling center, but our approach is to meet people wherever they are in all areas of life.


How do I make an appointment?

Call the Center at (702) 900-5040 to make a confidential appointment.


May I choose my own therapist?

You may request a particular therapist; however, dual relationships are not permitted per the policies that govern the profession of therapy. Your preference for a particular therapist will be honored provided they have available appointments. If you need a referral outside of the Lake Mead community, we can provide that for you.


How long is the typical waiting time for an appointment?

Generally, your appointment will be within a week of your initial call. The time may vary for each therapist.


What if I have a life-threatening emergency?

The Lake Mead Wellness Center is not a crisis center. If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911.


How much does therapy cost?

Sliding fee scales are available at the discretion of the Lake Mead Wellness Center. If you use a debit/credit card to pay, a 4% fee will be added to your rate.  The Center has a wide range of therapists with different qualifications and training, therefore we work from a range of $20-$150 depending on who you see. Limited aid can be requested through a discounted therapy application. 


Will my visits be covered by my insurance?

The Lake Mead Wellness Center does not currently bill insurance, for very specific reasons. If you are interested in knowing why, please contact us. We are, however, able to provide a superbill to your insurance company or swipe your Health Savings Account card for payment! Some therapists are able to see clients who have money available to them for therapy through Victims of Crime. 


How long does therapy take?

The length of treatment depends on many factors. It is primarily determined by the nature of the issue and the motivation of the client.


Is therapy confidential?

All of your therapy sessions are confidential. The AAMFT Code of Ethics and Nevada Statutes prevent your therapist from disclosing information that is shared in therapy or information about who is or is not a client. Since this is a training program, student therapists discuss their cases with their supervisors. If desired, you may sign a release of information for your therapist to discuss your case with other professionals. These will be discussed and signed on an as-needed basis.


Where is the Lake Mead Wellness Center located?

The Center’s address is 522-2 E. Lake Mead Parkway, Henderson, Nevada 89015

(Map located under Contact page)





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